Xender FAQ- Everything you need to know

We have brought you various updates and notes about how Xender works for your requirement of files sharing. But in case if you have missed something, here you can take the complete review to this amazing utility through our latest update of Xender FAQ. Learn about everything Xender does in questions and answers. Hope you will get everything properly in a single page.

Xender FAQ

Are you ready to Xender FAQ?

If you search for an application to share your files or receive some files easily, there will be hundreds of options. But choosing Xender is smarter whereas it is a bundle of advantages over your conventional file transferring techniques. So learn about the best Xender APK through the questions and answers as below.

  • What is Xender for you?

Xender is a file sharing application available for all operating systems even including PC support. This is a very smart solution wins millions of users trust all over being the most trusted and fastest sharing application that supports almost all of the file formats. This is about unlimited file sharing experience on Android, iOS, Windows mobile, PC and also Mac.

  • How to transfer files from device to PC?

Here Xender does not use Mobile data. In fact, it is about creating personal Hotspot and get the devices connected to the network through which all transferring going to happen. So it is very easy to transfer any file from a mobile to another and also from a mobile to a PC. To get with the complete tutorial, check our guide Xender Download.

And for the guide on Phone to PC file transferring, refer the given instructions below.

Android to PC File sharing

  • Step 1: Launch Xender on the Android and tap “+” to continue through “Connect PC” option
  • Step 2: Turn on the Personal Hotspot feature
  • Step 3: Let your PC or Laptop to join the created personal Hotspot and get connected to each
  • Step 4: Accept if permission required and wait for the successful connections
  • Step 5: Now you can share any file in any weight been connected to the same WiFi network

If not, there is also another method with QR code scanning by referring to the official website. You can choose one from the allowed options and enjoy the fastest file sharing for free.

  • Is Xender Pro available?

There is no Xender Premium upgrade available for the moment for anyone to get a paid membership. The reason is Xender free version is already with the required features and functions in its bundle for anyone to download and enjoy for completely free.

  • What are the most highlighting Xender Features?

No use of mobile data and free of cable connections

Allowed to send or receive large files with no limitations

supports all Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Windows PC allowing cross-platform transferring

Migrate all your data safely from the older to the newer

Allows to view, move and also delete files with file manager feature

Comes with a friendly design prioritizing the user ease

Support sliding to smooth sharing experience

Supports more than 20 different languages and more

  • How to replicate Android by Xender App?

Make sure the devices have the Personal Hotspot feature. And then connect from one device to another in the usual way. Tap the name or the device icon and continue through “Import friend’s data”. When this is done, the other device should accept in order to authorize the transferring. Now select all the data, file, pictures videos or whatever that you need to import. Confirm the request from the other device and let it transfer all the data you want to have in the other device. In the same way, you can easily replicate iOS, Windows or PC as well with no cables and troubles with hours of loading.


  • Can you set the destination for the files receiving through Xender?

Yes. Thanks to Xender, you are allowed to choose the most fitting storing location from two options. One is Phone storage and the other is SD card. You can access these option from Settings > Storage location > and choose one from Phone storage and SD card storage. But the second option will only be available for the devices that have SD card support. If not, the only option is Phone storage.

  • Do you need mobile data to use for Xender functioning?

As we repeatedly stated, it is a “No” to this question. In fact, Xender runs with the Personal Hotspot feature to get connected with the other devices in order to proceed with file transferring. And it is not using mobile data at any circumstance like some other alternative applications.

Wrapping Up

If you have missed anything about Xender App Download, this Xender FAQ quick session will be a benefit to learn about all its basics. So we invite you to stay tuned to get with more interesting updates including the latest Xender available options. Stay signed.