Xender FAQ- Everything you need to know

We have brought you various updates and notes about how Xender works for your requirement of files sharing. But in case if you have missed something, here you can take the complete review to this amazing utility through our latest update of Xender FAQ. Learn about everything Xender does in questions and answers. Hope you will get everything properly in a single page.

Xender FAQ

Are you ready to Xender FAQ?

If you search for an application to share your files or receive some files easily, there will be hundreds of options. But choosing Xender is smarter whereas it is a bundle of advantages over your conventional file transferring techniques. So learn about the best Xender APK through the questions and answers as below.

  • What is Xender for you?

Xender is a file sharing application available for all operating systems even including PC support. This is a very smart solution wins millions of users trust all over being the most trusted and fastest sharing application that supports almost all of the file formats. This is about unlimited file sharing experience on Android, iOS, Windows mobile, PC and also Mac.

  • How to transfer files from device to PC?

Here Xender does not use Mobile data. In fact, it is about creating personal Hotspot and get the devices connected to the network through which all transferring going to happen. So it is very easy to transfer any file from a mobile to another and also from a mobile to a PC. To get with the complete tutorial, check our guide Xender Download.

And for the guide on Phone to PC file transferring, refer the given instructions below.

Android to PC File sharing

  • Step 1: Launch Xender on the Android and tap “+” to continue through “Connect PC” option
  • Step 2: Turn on the Personal Hotspot feature
  • Step 3: Let your PC or Laptop to join the created personal Hotspot and get connected to each
  • Step 4: Accept if permission required and wait for the successful connections
  • Step 5: Now you can share any file in any weight been connected to the same WiFi network

If not, there is also another method with QR code scanning by referring to the official website. You can choose one from the allowed options and enjoy the fastest file sharing for free.

  • Is Xender Pro available?

There is no Xender Premium upgrade available for the moment for anyone to get a paid membership. The reason is Xender free version is already with the required features and functions in its bundle for anyone to download and enjoy for completely free.

  • What are the most highlighting Xender Features?

No use of mobile data and free of cable connections

Allowed to send or receive large files with no limitations

supports all Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Windows PC allowing cross-platform transferring

Migrate all your data safely from the older to the newer

Allows to view, move and also delete files with file manager feature

Comes with a friendly design prioritizing the user ease

Support sliding to smooth sharing experience

Supports more than 20 different languages and more

  • How to replicate Android by Xender App?

Make sure the devices have the Personal Hotspot feature. And then connect from one device to another in the usual way. Tap the name or the device icon and continue through “Import friend’s data”. When this is done, the other device should accept in order to authorize the transferring. Now select all the data, file, pictures videos or whatever that you need to import. Confirm the request from the other device and let it transfer all the data you want to have in the other device. In the same way, you can easily replicate iOS, Windows or PC as well with no cables and troubles with hours of loading.


  • Can you set the destination for the files receiving through Xender?

Yes. Thanks to Xender, you are allowed to choose the most fitting storing location from two options. One is Phone storage and the other is SD card. You can access these option from Settings > Storage location > and choose one from Phone storage and SD card storage. But the second option will only be available for the devices that have SD card support. If not, the only option is Phone storage.

  • Do you need mobile data to use for Xender functioning?

As we repeatedly stated, it is a “No” to this question. In fact, Xender runs with the Personal Hotspot feature to get connected with the other devices in order to proceed with file transferring. And it is not using mobile data at any circumstance like some other alternative applications.

Wrapping Up

If you have missed anything about Xender App Download, this Xender FAQ quick session will be a benefit to learn about all its basics. So we invite you to stay tuned to get with more interesting updates including the latest Xender available options. Stay signed.

Xender App Download

Xender App Download for iOS

No matter what operating system you run, you may have at least a single file sharing application to go beyond the traditional Bluetooth and other ways. So that is where Xender comes to the mind from which you are accessed to faster and smarter file sharing experience for totally free. And with its multiple platform support, you can take it on any operating system with no hassle. We have brought you a number of posts regarding its Android compatibility, and here we go for Xender App Download on iOS. If you are an iOS user and looking for a trusted file sharing companion, here you are.

Xender App Download

It is true that Xender is 200 times faster than the conventional Bluetooth way which most of the users still used to try out. But here when comes to Xender Download, you would realize how useful to have it by your side from which you can save your precious time and effort. In fact, the program here involves the easiest interface where anyone can connect and start sharing. And additionally, with its connection to Hungama music, it acts as a music player from which you can listen to your favorite tracks not just been limited to file sharing. So having it makes fun on iOS, Android or any platform.

Xender App Download- Features to highlight

When comes to its features, its speed of transferring is considered one of the key advantages. In fact, it reports about 40MB/s which is extremely satisfiable measure. Adding to this I must also mention that speed always depends on the connected WiFi, and the distance between the devices. So consider the facts additionally.

In the other way, Xender is highly appreciable with its wide range of file support. In fact, it allows you to share any file format without considering the size. Additiona to that, another interesting thing about Xender Download is its supportive interface and all ease at use. Above the other similar applications, Xender features a very clean and nicely categorized interface to catch anyone at the first sight. So like that there are many things to highlight about Xender program. And it is now time for you to make your turn in this way for the fastest file sharing experience.

How to use Xender for iOS?

To share any file from an iOS device to another iOS device, you only required to follow very easy tips. So, first of all, have Xender on both the devices and make sure you are with the Personal Hotspot feature. Now connect both the devices to the same WiFi network and continue through “Connect Friend” from one device to the other. Leave them to get connected and enjoy all files sharing in the maximum speed.

Are you happy about Xender App Download? Then leave your sincere comments.

Xender Download

Transfer files with Xender Download- Instruction Manuals

Just as we so far discussed, with Xender Download, you can make your files transferring super easy. So in this latest note, I am going to convey the complete instruction manuals to how you can properly transfer files from Android to Android, Windows, and iOS. If you are a newbie and feel a little uneasy about getting into the program, here we take you through the complete manuals separately under three different platforms.

Xender Download

Xender for Android-  Transfer files from Android to Android

First of all, make sure the Android devices here have the Personal Hotspot feature and also the adequate power strength. If done, follow the step below you have guided.

  • Step 1: Tap the “+” sign on a device and start with creating a group
  • Step 2: When the group is created, tap “+” sign from the other device and join the group
  • Step 3: Once you find the other device, tap and get connected. Here, both the devices will get automatically connected
  • Step 4: Now choose files from the device and start transferring in a super fast way

Xender for Windows- Transfer files from Android to Windows

Make sure both the devices here used are having the Personal Hotspot feature and also with sufficient power strength.

  • Step 1: Tap “+” from the Android device and choose “connect WP”
  • Step 2: Now go to the WiFi settings from the Windows device and join the WiFi group created by the Android device
  • Step 3: Go to Xender on WP and continue with “connect friend”
  • Step 4: Once you are automatically connected, start sharing files

Xender for iOS- Transfer files from Android to iOS

Here also, you need to make sure both the devices are having the personal hotspot feature. And also have a sufficient power scale on both the devices using.

  • Step 1: From the Android device, tap “+” and continue through “connect iPhone”
  • Step 2: Then from the iOS device, go to WiFi Settings and get connected with the WiFi network created by the Android device
  • Step 3: From the Xender downloaded on iOS, continue to the option “Connect friend” and wait until the devices get connected automatically
  • Step 4: And now you can start transferring files from Android to iOS or in the other way

Are you ready to Xender Download?

Considering the step guides above, you will realize how easy it is to get with the file sharing need with this Xender Download for free. So are you willing to turn in this way or still looking for a good option? Leave your comments and stay updated.

Xender free download

Xender Free Download to Share Music, Files or Anything

Xender is the handiest file sharing tool to recommend anyone with the fastest sharing speed and support for any file type in any weight. This is a very light application for your Android or PC that will not make any trouble with storage. Thanks to the latest update the app weight has more reduced making it even more comfortable to handle. So if you feel like having a supported tool for transferring your files and receive more securely, this is the right recommendation for Xender Free Download. You can have it totally free and can be chosen from various tool options with respect to the compatibility.

Xender free download

Why Xender Download?

Thanks to the continuous effort by the Xender team, the program here receives the most important updates and additions as with the requirement of the user. Below are some of the Xender Features that will reveal out the true functionality of this amazing app making you no more tired about looking for second options.

  • Simple and easy to handle interface
  • Completely free to download and install
  • Support sharing any file at any place very easily
  • 200 times faster than the ordinary Bluetooth transferring speed
  • No use of mobile data
  • Comes with multiple platform support as Android, iOS, Windows mobiles, Windows PC, Mac and Tizen with cross transferring support for the user
  • Require no USB connecting troubles and the software installation on the PC

In additionally these interesting features, there are many more for you to feel when it comes to its experience. In fact, that is truly why it has become the choice for over 500 millions of users by now with over 100 millions of file transferring every day. And for the interesting fact, it will play all music and videos being the best WiFi file transfer master. So you will be able to enjoy the fastest sharing experience on all your devices with this supporting Xender free app Download. But make sure to check the compatible tool version first before you get with the tool processing. And the size of the Xender tool will also be varied with respect to your device and firmware.

The Ending

Instead of trying to tell all its advantages, you better take a try for free. So we recommend you to go with Xender Free Download and enjoy all the line up of features for a troublefree file sharing. To get more updates with time, stay tuned.

Xender for Android

Xender for Android- a quick overview

Xender is the latest trend of file sharing with the best compatibility for Android. It is easy to use and very effective when comes to the purpose of its build. In fact, it can transfer files from your Android to another or to PC very fastly or in return receive files in the same way. So let us look more into Xender for Android for the best file transferring experience wirelessly and totally free.

Xender for Android

Xender for Android to Share anything

When searching for applications support in transferring files, we find a bulk of options. But giving the top recommendation to Xender Download, I find it an extremely supportive program designed conveniently for the task. So it allows you to share unlimited files in any size and format faster and safer like never before with any other program. Simultaneously, the program shares files between four devices making you easily share your things with family and friends. And there is nothing to worry about the safety of anything you share as Xender takes nothing into it rather than just transferring. You can use Xender Free on Windows, Android, iOS, and also Mac.

How does Xender work?

As you might have already aware, many of the sharing apps use Bluetooth as the medium that makes the connection between devices to proceed to transfer. But here, Xender changes the order bringing that Bluetooth era into a specific wireless connection to get with direct file transfer. So here you can enjoy the smartest use of technology without wasting your time and effort with different connection methods. It saves your data and also time. With Xender for PC, you can use a third party Android emulator in case if you fail with the direct web method. So it is easier for everyone regardless of PC or mobile.

Wrapping Up for today

Unlike the other applications, Xender is easy and convenient. The user interface includes attractive design and flows to easily get into anybody’s eyes at once. So we recommend Xender for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac to enjoy limitless file transferring in the fastest approach. It can be a document, a long video, audio, picture or anything as Xender supports all these in the same speed and success. This comes free to the user and can be just said the perfect solution for anyone. So give it a simple try and let us know how things went for you.

Xender for Android

As we formerly direct you for Xender apk download, let’s concern how it works as Xender for Android? While Xender is the greatest file transferring app, the combination of Android and Xender will make you greater than ever. Xender for Android will offer you more features such as transferring files, videos, movies, apps and more by standing as an all-rounder for your pleasure. As a freeware, to use Xender for android, you only have to spend few clicks within few seconds to fulfil your commands. So just join the amazing app Xender for Android to transmission all you need simply. 

By the way, as we instruct you with file transferring with previous articles, this will be important as it will give you idea of great capabilities of Xender for Android. Let’s see, how they are.

Xender for Android

Capabilities of Xender for Android

How to backup the device with Xender download?

To use the feature replicate or backup the device with Xender for Android, it must have the ability of Personal Hotspot. So confirm that and use below steps for the backup.

  • Connect the other device.
  • Tap the name or the icon and select the option “Import data”.
  • Then the receiver must allow the transfer.
  • Select the data that you are going to save on the other device and click the “Save” button as well.

So now you can check whether your data replicated or not. You can use this backup option even on an iOS device too but with different steps.

The file destination

This too is an important feature as you are able to select the destination of file saving any area of your device. But for that, this will offer you two options as your internal storage of the Phone or the SD card if it is there. You can get this through, Settings > Storage Location and then the Internal storage or the SD card.

Also, you will get to know about the “Move Xender to SD card” option through this. It is the one that let you share Xender to SD card or the SD card to internal memory.

Using the Wi-Fi Hotspot of the device

Anyhow, as most users bother that the file transfer and share applying the data for that, with Xender for Android doesn’t ask for your data connection as it only needs to use the Wi-Fi Hotspot for any performance. So with all these, the Xender for Android is the best app that you are going to handle on your device. As it doesn’t need to access internally any other of your device, you can safely manage all you need without complicated.


Xender for PC

Xender for PC is the option that supports you to manage your file transfers and sharing with a PC. Because of its user-friendly manner you won’t face any trouble of using this. The interface too has improved with latest updates of Xender for PC. Surely you will have a great experience with Xender for PC than any other app that supports you to transfer files. Because, additional apps cannot work as excellent as Xender download. Therefore, we recommend you that you must have Xender for PC to enjoy all sharing files. And as the app that improve its features day by day, indisputably this is the best app that can work with Androids, iOS and PC/Mac.

Xender for PC

How to transfer file with Xender for PC?

While you are using the facility of transferring Phone to PC, the Direct mode and the Cloud mode are stands as important facts. Direct mode means when there won’t any data transfer limitation as you connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi or the internet connection. And the Cloud mode is the option that a device doesn’t connect to the same data connection and the data transfer too has a limitation of 10MB’s. So with this, follow these steps of transferring.

Phone to PC?

You are able to use this guide even you are using an Android or iDevice with iOS.

  • Open the Xender download of your Android or the iOS and click the plus mark (+) and get the “Connect PC” option.
  • Then go to the web.Xender.com on your PC or the Laptop.
  • And when you scan the QR code with the device, it must automatically connect with the PC.

Or you can use this as you prefer.

  • Turn on the Personal Hotspot after you select the “Connect PC” option.
  • Then make the connection between the PC and the Personal Hotspot that created with the previous step.
  • Now you have to open the link of Xender and let the permission with your device to connect both devices.

By the way, Xender for PC will support you in varies ways as you are able to transfer any file without the cable connection, cross-platform transfer, file sharing and managing and all you need through an app like this. And also, you can get more information of Xender download with our previous articles as well.


Xender download

Here we brought you a great dealer to transfer and share all your files without complicated. This is the app we call Xender download, which was developed by the well-known Beijing Anqi Zhilian Technology Co. LTD. With Xender download, you can simply gain whatever you need without waste your data. And as this app doesn’t ask for you to make the internet connection or Wi-Fi, this is the easiest way since you don’t need a connection even with a cable. Anyhow, Xender download is not an app that captured only Apple’s iOS operating system, also you are bale to use this on your Android as well and even on your PC. Just download Xender and transfer all files you prefer between devices.

Xender download

About Xender download

The company of Xender download was aimed to develop apps that support users with its better connectivity than any other. As they could arrive through, activated users are now more than 80 million and it is now available moreover 30 languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Korean. Anyhow, to transfer varies types of documents, photos, files, music, videos or even apps will share with its greatest performance just for your betterment. You can compare this between any other app that supports you to transfer such kind of files. But surely, you will put aside all the other as Xender download can perform faster and exactly through a great result. In briefly, Xender download is faster than Bluetooth, easier than AirDrop and no need for NFC.

Feature of Xender download

  • The latest version of Xender download is 3.1. It has collected a number of new appearances to make you easier than previous versions. The functions that had to manage folders have changed as create new, move, delete and further more.
  • Although you failed to transfer folders without upgrading with previous versions, now can transfer the entire without any doubt.
  • And the audio player has added as a new feature, to play any direct with Xender download.
  • Also, the list of supporting types too has stretched now with mkv, rmvb, wmv, flv, mpg and some more.

By the way, we hope to inform you how you can use Xender on your iOS, Android or PC/Mac with our future articles. So stay there and get all we update for you.