Xender features

Make your File Transfering Best with these Xender Features

Xender is an extremely supporting file transferring application that has been released in the year 2013 and by now winning millions of user attraction. The reason is truly its convenient work frame with the favorable setting. So confirming its comprehensive file-sharing qualities, this is the space to talk about Xender Features. Let us have a look at how this wins millions of user base being the all-fit solution for every file sharing requirement.

Xender features

What is new with the latest Xender Free Download?

With time, Xender app receives updates being the best solution for users worldwide. In fact, the program now supports more than 22 languages including English, Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malay, and Thai. And additionally, there are about 12 more Indian dialects coming with Xender to get closer with the user.

Xender Features to highlight

Comfortable file size- the program itself is very light-weighted as an advantage to the users with limited storage. With the recent update, the file size has been dropped to 4.5M making it more convenient

Any file type supported- Xender require no PC installations and USB connections. So it can be used in anywhere at any time supporting all of the file formats. It can be documents, long videos, pictures, audio files or whatever

Allows a backup copy- with this app you can view received files, save them or else delete as well. And there is also a specific feature given to backup files and keep a copy if you feel like wiping all data

Time saving- in switching to a new device, Xender appears smart being the best solution to easily migrate any file from the older to the newer. This will take just a few minutes and will make you easier in the supporting work frame

Alluring design- with an attractive user interface, Xender provides the essential features and functions. Most importantly, it has a very nice and clean interface for anyone to easily learn and does transfer with the screen instructions

Final words

Compared with the other similar applications, Xender Features stands above all. And it is a cross-platform transferring tool which is guaranteed for  200 times faster speed than Bluetooth transfer speed. So everything is easier with Xender free Download. Have a try and leave your sincere comments. We will update you more news and facts regarding this amazing file transferring utility, so stay tuned.